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Ash (Erick)

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About me

Hi there, I'm Erick, but Ive also gone by Ash when throwing monsters and puzzles at my friends online. I've always been interested in DnD and when I finally got into it, it was better than I could have ever expected thanks to amazing people I played with and DM'd for. My goal, is to be that DM (and person) who has your back and regardless of your level of experience, makes you feel welcome, safe and bring laughter to a table. But there will be dramatic villains doing their villainous things. There will be earth shattering events related to the barbarians uncle being revealed as the eldritch so and so. If you want to throw an axe or spell midair at the blue dragon charging towards you full tilt before you hit the ground, we will roll the dice. If you haven't already, you will meet some amazing people here on SPG or wherever you find your one shots and campaigns. If I can help to facilitate that while working with you to create epic stories, that will be reward enough. No matter who you are, where your from, or what your situation is, if you're down to go on an adventure alongside me, I won't let any barriers get in your way. Everyone deserves to find a group like I did way back when, where there is no judgment, only acceptance, laughter and good times.

GM style

I like stories to be player focused first and foremost with narrative and epic beats to help tie things into a greater world. I like to keep things going with a good mix of drama and comedy (or at least I will try to be funny). When it comes to puzzles, I keep them puzzlin'. When it comes to combat, I am aiming for high octane, adrenaline pumping action and fights that matter. While roleplaying, we will be in a different world altogether that is living and breathing. I'll be integrating back stories and working with you every step of the way as we see where the story goes. There will be adventures with large world shaking events and high stake quests in tiny villages. At the end of the day, the journey that the party will go on is the most important one, and there will be the freedom to go anywhere at anytime!

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