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About me

G R E E T I N G S H E R O E S, I'm Ash (or just Erick) and I want to help you tell the story you want to tell, slay the beast that you need slay, and go on the adventure you want to have. I hope you're ready to jump into a world of adventure and imagination! Roleplaying games have endless potential and I look forward to the journeys we will go on and the worlds we will build and explore! My mission will be to help each player create a character with depth, personality, and a story all their own, while injecting some levity and humor here and there. Together, we'll journey through fantastic landscapes, fight terrifying monsters, and discover ancient artifacts. But most importantly, we'll work together to weave a narrative that's as unique and individual as each of our characters. So whether you're a seasoned player or brand new to the world of tabletop RPGs, I am here to guide you on an adventure you'll never forget. Let's roll some dice and tell some amazing stories together

GM style

I like stories to be player focused first and foremost with narrative and epic beats to help tie things into a greater world. I like to keep things going with a good mix of drama and comedy (or at least I will try to be funny). I find it best to work with with players to make sure I am integrating back stories in a way that meets their expectations as the story unfolds from them every session. There will always be the larger world shaking events or small village drama going on but the story the players tell is the most important one. Ive got a good bit of experience under my belt with established modules, homebrew worlds and a mix of both. I've been cycling through lots of different one shots so that I can share stories made by community creators and connect with more players who want to try or keep playing Dungeons and Dragons but aren't able to do a full campaign at the moment.

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