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David Evers
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About me

I was always drawn to the immersion made possible by roleplaying games. I started DMing for friends in many different settings that interested us. I like to adapt modules and stories to what players are interested in. My goal is for everyone to have fun in a collaborative and immersive process. I have experience in Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness, Eclipse Phase, Lancer and several other settings.

GM style

I enjoy running both roleplay and tactical combat situations. I tend to adapt official or published modules so that players are able to fully integrate the characters they created together during session zero. The balance between roleplay, exploration and combat varies depending on the campaign and setting (Sci-fi, modern, fantasy, etc.) and what players want to play. This means that types of roleplay and combat can vary a lot between different campaign settings and even different sessions of the same campaign, but always in response to character actions and player preferences. I pride myself on being able to react and adapt to creative player choices during roleplay, exploration and combat to make these meaningful and impactful within the setting being run. I also enjoy physically building the settings I'm running and am currently using Talespire to do so. You can expect to see the 3D representation of where the characters are to add to the immersive experience and be better able to have characters react to their surroundings during the session.

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