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I've been in love with D&D for the better part of three decades now, and a DM on and off for about twelve years. I started DMing three separate games over work lunches every week, and it was enough to make me catch the DMing bug again! So here I am. I've DM'd Lost Mines of Phandelver six times now, and LOVE fifth edition for its accessibility to new players (who I also love having in my party!). My highest priority is always for everyone to have a good time, and I lean more heavily on story and character decisions than I do on number-crunching and rules lawyering to make it happen. You want to throw the halfling as a ranged attack? That's fine, probably. You want to turn an average pile of garbage into a lethal weapon? Roll with advantage! I already can't wait to get started; see you at the table!

GM style

For me, the fun comes first. I know all players are different so I try and pick up on what gets each player excited so I can incorporate it into the game better. I lean towards character choices and love rewarding good role play, but I'm not afraid of a monster-infested dungeon crawl either. Regarding the rules, I have only one policy: "fast and loose." I'm happy to listen to players who've retained rules I haven't, but unless it's going to break the game I'd rather make a split decision and keep it moving than spend a long time looking stuff up. If we have to correct it after the fact, that's okay! The point is the energy stays up and everyone has a good time.

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