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I stream D&D every Saturday on my Twitch! 📺 📺 I'm a very experienced DM with many campaigns completed and even now do liveplay D&D weekly! My games are centered around player immersion and player empowerment.

GM style

💬Roleplay💬 - I love to roleplay and bring unique NPCs to interact with. We will be doing a lot of RP including bringing your own characters personal backstory as much as possible into the module. ⛰️Exploration⛰️ - Whether its a gritty survival setting or an urban caper being able to explore and interact with the world is a key to keeping my games so immersive. 🗡️Combat🗡️ - Fast, fast, fast... Combat at my table involves quickly rolling and keeping the action as intense as possible. Combat should matter and the stakes will always be high CULTURE 👫 ︱My table prioritizes teamwork and cooperative play. 🥊 ︱PVP is not allowed unless all parties agree ⛔ ︱Zero tolerance policy toward discrimination or harassment 🌈 ︱This is an LGBT Friendly Space RESOURCES 📷 ︱Webcams will be used to help player connect 🎼 ︱Music to match the mood for exploration, RP, & Combat 🗺️ ︱Hundreds of Battlemaps I've collected over the years 📚 ︱All of DnD 5e Official Rulebooks to share on DnDBeyond 👨‍💻 ︱Thriving Discord Community to share your experiences


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