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About me

Hi, I'm Aquila. I've been a Fifth Edition/OneDnD Dungeon Master for nine years. I have several homebrew worlds (known as my Multiverse), and I am currently developing my own TTRPG system. My ultimate goal with every campaign and game is to tell a collaborative, dramatic story through deep characters in a rich world. I accept players of all experience levels!

GM style

As a GM, I focus a lot on characters, player agency, and maintaining verisimilitude. I want you, the player, to believe that the second world is real and treat it as such. I always love presenting my players with a challenge, and in that same vein, I really root for my players to win. I get excited about them and for them! My combat tends to be more tactical than most games as well. When it comes to intelligent monsters, they will make decisions that intelligent creatures would. As a published author, my strength shows in my character work and worldbuilding. Most of my games take place in my homebrew setting: Terris.


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