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About me

Immersed. That is how I want my players to feel! I strive for their hairs to stick up on the back of their head as the unknowingly strike out through the jungle with thorns digging into their shins and sweat running down their back and a suppressive magical heat creeps into their souls. Sorrow, as their favorite traveling salesperson is killed by a group of roving bandits Excitement as they learn of new treasures that wait just beyond. Relief as their group, wounded, battered, bleeding, and half of them unconscious near death find a way to deal the killing blow to a particularly large and fearsome creature. I've been playing and DM'ing now for just over 3 years and my first game ever was as DM. I've loved it. I love the story telling, the friendships, the adventures, the intrigue, the frustrations, all of it. Now 3 years later I'm looking to be able to bring my own unique story telling and narrative to others. With me you'll find a balance of roleplaying and combat. I dive into every NPC trying to make them come to life. I love content creation and enjoy creating my own worlds for others to explore. Come join me for either a night or for a 3 year campaign, either way I look forward to exploring the stories of the worlds with you.

GM style

As a GM I enjoy both aspects of roleplaying and combat - with perhaps a bit more love towards roleplaying. I do my best to make each NPC seem different giving them each a voice of their own. (or... my best attempt at it) Combat in my games is about 2/3 battlemaps and 1/3 theater of the mind when the combat is simplified. I do my best with following the rules, but like the cool is rule at times. I want players to be creative and think outside the box, and see what they can do with their imaginations.


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