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Sara Frost
Voice Actor
Women/Femme Identifying
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3 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, World Builder, Creativity

About me

So a little about me? Well to start with I'm a Trans women (MTF), I use She/her pronouns. I'm dyslexic I Got into Role playing when I was around 12 years old starting with Cyberpunk 2020 and quickly jumping into AD&D, Rifts, Palladium Fantasy, World of Darkness, and than Gurps. I've Played and Run more systems than I can remember the Names of and Have spent most of my teens and Adult life Running Games for Various Groups and Friends. I got my Degree in Game design and development in the Hopes of Making a Video game that Captured the freedom and unique experience an incredible tabletop rpg campaign can provide. but ended up taking a Different path. I'm an Alternative Goth Cyberpunk, I love Sci-fi, Horror, and Fantasy settings. I Spend way to much time watching/reading any good story. I've Studied classical literature and Draw inspiration for my games and campaigns and worlds from Mythology, the Classical Epics such as the Odyssey, Monkey, The Inferno. One of the things I love about Gaming is the way it both brings us together and can leave players and GMs with a unique experience similar to our favorite books or TV shows, but I feel the Impact it has on us is so much deeper because of our own involvement in the Process. The Epic tales of Heroes told around the campfire and to us as children storys shaped the world we live in and our Lives, and I think the Impact creating those adventures, having the choice in how things play out, and the exploration of our selves reflected through our characters, Is an Incredible experience that can have the Most profound and Memorable impact on our Lives, Weather its just a real great Memory of time spent with friends on a great Journey, Or Deep reflection on one's self and the growth of Skills, Confidence, or world view. Theirs Nothing else Quite like it.

GM style

I have a very diverse Style of Game Mastering, with a wide range of variance in an Inclusive and Safe environment. I can shift from deep role-play to a pure combat dungeon crawl with ease. My goal is to create a memorable and fun game the players will remember for years to come. I focus on immersion and role-play, while evoking strong emotions and a Living world to create memorable, fun, and exciting games. I like to develop deep stories, and have had players laughing and crying in the same session. I make and use Tactical maps for many games, But also utilize Theater of the Mind for others based on what works best for that Game. I create handouts, Organized Folders, Notes, and other Resources for the players, and put between 4-8 hours of prep into each session for my games. I run games with a more serious tone and persistence but find time for laughter and fun. Utilizing vivid descriptions, character voices when I'm able, maps and art reference. I use a blend of improvisation and planning to provide an incredible amount of freedom in a sandbox environment, with strong world lore, well developed characters, strong role-play, and logic, with realistic reactions to player choices. This allows me to create a fun and engaging world that can be experienced and shaped by the players with there always being something more to pursue if they choose. I specialize in long form Story and Campaign Play, comparing my campaigns to a TV series, each session as an episodic story in a larger season Plot, with a large story arch through the season, with the campaign/series as whole having a story arc shaped across multiple seasons. I do this by having events building on the plot over time. Every event and situation or character has there own story, Motivations, and internal Logic. These snowball and become chapters or have links to larger stories and events characters get involved in and shape, while the players are free to explore any direction they like. As players traverse the wold and experience these events, the characters choices will evolve into a campaign spanning adventure. I greatly encourage and work to evoke strong role-play and interpersonal stories and drama, that see characters grow over time. This is done with a Bottom up approach, when you join the campaign we work together on Building a back story based on your concept and Determining the best way to bring your character to life. I believe that character creation is a process between players and the GM and will sometimes not allow things or disapprove characters, or abilities, because I believe the best games require the right mix between Game Master, Setting, Character, Group, and Player all working together. This is done to create a more cohesive and fun story and game environment for everyone. I tend to focus on the rules, but find the right amount of rule of cool, that follows the logic of the world and minimizes suspension of disbelief using rules as a guideline while always keeping things fair. I ask all my players to follow the philosophy of leaning into the story. For example the conflict between the lawful good paladin, and evil warlock in the same party can be fun and create drama when both players decide to explore and develop that conflict through role-play across the campaign instead of turning it into a fight to the death.


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