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About me

Hello everyone! My name is Miquel and I have been a Game Master and Game Designer for 18 years. Currently, I live in the UK and I specialize as an Escape Room designer: Since I was 12 I have been organizing my own homebrewed TTRPG, murder mysteries, and larps (Got a big group of friends together in a small house on a farm and found out who was the killer among them before dawn). 6 years ago I started working as a Game Master in an escape room (still do it to this day once a week) and quickly was able to move into designing escape rooms. Because I am also a Game Artist that meant I could easily bring to life whatever was needed for this projects. Now I want to put together all my skills to create amazing campaigns for people on this platform. Will you accompany me on this adventure?

GM style

I am a very bubbly individual and like to sprinkle my sessions with a touch of humor and silliness when needed. However, often I will touch on more serious, and dramatic themes. 🎮To create my games I take inspiration from multiple media; series, anime, books, films, board games, videogames, and escape rooms. 🧭My games excel at a variety of challenges that require different skills as I want all the players to have a chance to be under the spotlight. I prioritize roleplaying, and exploration, but also expect some combat intertwined with acting (I do love a good boss fight). 🧩As an Escape room designer spect puzzles and mysteries so you would need to make your brain work a bit! (No worries you will get hints along the way went stuck). I do tribe in homebrew systems and games (no worries, I keep it light) and prioritize fun over lengthy rules. I won’t expect my players to know the rules by hand, but we will go over the basics and keep everything else intuitive. ✏️Normally I like to tailor each session to the players and their characters' backgrounds so if you like investing time in writing we can build an amazing story together. (I enjoy intertwining character's backstories... and preparing little plot twists that will blow your mind). 🎲Players decisions (and those damned dice rolls) will highly affect the course of our story. 🎵My sessions are always full of immersive bits like narratives, music, and visuals (with some custom-made ones!) 🫂Respect and a friendly attitude are a must, and everyone is welcome regardless of level of experience, religion, ethnicity, or LGBT+ identity. Spect NPCs to be also varied! By default, my sessions are in English so a good level of it would be needed. However, keep in mind English is not my first language either so anyone is welcome!

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