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Hey, thanks for looking and thinking about me having the opportunity to DM for you I regularly play as a player on the weekends using Roll20 and Discord. I started off playing Advance Dungeons and Dragons in high school around 1990 and moved up as new editions were released. A break did happen about 10 years ago and I recently started playing again about 2 years ago in 5th edition. I haven't DM'd since the 90's and I am learning on how to use Roll20 on the DM side of the house. I would love feedback if I get the chance to DM for you. Nightly, I enjoy reading novels from D&D settings such as Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Dragonlance and even Dark Sun. I will mostly be running one shots until I master the use of Roll20 and plan on making some of my own one shots and move on to short to long campaigns. The reason for the cheap price is I new at running Roll20 and giving you an discount for being my test subjects. I hope to see everyone soon!

GM style

Even with my experience in being a GM, I look forward to improving the immersive experience by striving to improve my skills with voice acting and with description of surroundings areas. While I can provide a verbal picture, I do want to hone my ability to provide voice acting to provide an immersive experience to further improve my GM experience. My goal is to provide a fully interactive atmosphere that is balanced between being a challenge, being fun, and being memorable. I enjoy tailoring the experience to the group, both in the in-game and OOC setting to blend the aspects of difficulty and interactivity into a living, breathing, experience through combining combat, puzzles, mystery, and roleplaying. My first experience in Ravenloft, circa 1991 during the 2nd Edition (if I recall correctly) of D&D. It is as follows: We began in a High School setting; the surrounding area was shrouded in a thick mist that limited visibility beyond the windows of the nearly archaic school that was constructed in a still rural area. The best way to describe the scenario would be to say that the entirety of the school’s ground was entirely consumed by the fog that had suddenly settled. However, it was far from how fog would normally react… The sun was bright, the day was warm. At least, that is how it began. As if the day was otherwise, bright without a cloud it in the sky, it abruptly became the opposite of what it once was. Then, just as quickly as the fog settled… it melted away as though it never was. While the weather cleared, there was one thing that did not, the sensation that the fog that spontaneously surrounded us did not lift. I was fortunate that my perception to this phenomenon did not allude me. However, what did, if even for only a moment allude me, was my surroundings. I was no longer within the confines of the cinderblocks of the classroom I was so readily set within to being the daily teaching. Rather I was withing the parameter of what I can only, and very loosely, explain as a graveyard. There were headstones as far as the eye could see. They were nearly perfectly aligned not matter which direction I looked. This realization filled me with a sensation of surreal weightlessness. Slowly the reality of my location settled as my mind warped to the reality it was faced with. But… I am standing rather than sitting at my desk in school. When did this happen? How did this happen? I swear, I just blinked and I was in my class just a moment ago. Who are these people around me? Do I know them? Why do they feel familiar? Why do they feel safe? Why don’t I recognize them? As the reality of my situation settles around me, I realize the age of all the tombstones are not the same. Some have aged. Some seem as if they were placed just days ago. With combinations of both settled soil with the life of early foliage taking root and the scent of fresh soil, marked with the visualization of the Earth’s flesh in a mound higher in newly dug graves in comparison to the surrounding, settled Earth itself. As my eyes adjust to the dimness of the moonlight, that is kind enough to cast the reflection of sunlight broad enough for me and my party to gain our bearings… there is a noticeable perception that none of us can ignore. A sound. One that stood in defiance of Mother Nature and her inevitable and unrelenting grasp against the power of Father Time himself. Despite the decrepit and unmoving nature of our surroundings. There was a noise. A sound. Not only a sound. The sound of movement that can only be described and recognized by those that have seen a predator taking and consuming their prey in the veil of darkness. Though, for a small portion of us, it would usually be a familiar sight. For all of us, there was something that was drastically unsettling. Across the fields of graves, there was a visual that broke the serenity that both cemeteries and graveyard held in common… The recognition that here was movement. From the corner of my eye, merely five feet away, I registered this movement and tuned into the movement that was just to the side of me. A human? No. This creature, though humanoid in appearance did not resemble the stature of a human. Even in the most imaginable clarity of sunlight, this entity was barely humanoid in its posture. My curiosity. And damn my curiosity got the best of me and I succumbed to it, despite every molecule of my engrained survival traits telling me otherwise, I took two steps closer to grasp a fragment of a better understanding of that which I beheld. The predator, in this instance, was remarkably humanoid in its appearance. Though its stance was a vague semblance of what someone, anyone without this experience, would call “humanoid”. The monstrosity was hunched over upon itself in a manner that could only be described as “violently” as it worked diligently to eviscerate its newly captured prey. The more my eyes adjusted to the sight, the greater my mind told me to flee. However, I had only one reaction, to wretch. Violently. As my body and mind wrestled with one another in its failed attempted to communicate, I was forced to process the sight that was in front of me and my newly founded party. We, my party and me, could not process the unnatural display of the bastardization of Nature’s cycle that was before us. My curiosity, that I curse to this day, caused me to step forward to behold in greater detail the absence of all that I held as true. An entity inched closer to me as I took my steps closer to confirm what I, unfortunately, knew to be true. I didn’t want to believe what I saw. I, in all honesty, refused to believe what I saw. It wasn’t true and I wanted to prove it was a trick of my perception of reality. How unfortunate and naïve I was in these steps. For what I perceived initially was brought into a painful, and mentally crushing reality. The sight that I believed to be a trick, turn into a harsh reality as I stepped closer. The metallic smell that filled the air and, unforgivingly, assaulted my nostrils. The realization of what filled the entity’s hands as it stood to reconcile with my presence. The entrails of its now prone and freshly deceased victim dropping with a distinctive, messy, “plop” as it stood to face me and those that happened to be unfortunate enough to be chosen to surround me… The metallic smell. The lifeless display of this creature’s victim. I was not, despite the kindness of my community, unfamiliar with the sight of death. Or, more accurately, the sight of evisceration. My eyes finally focused beneath the combination of horror and moonlight that I was forced to, not only face but, endure as this humanoid creature lurched forward. In a fashion that I can, to this day only describe as feral, dropped onto both hands and feet rushed towards me. I, despite those that were behind me in this moment, attempted to flee in an attempt of self-preservation. My body turned. My legs, however, remained nearly welded to the soft earth as my mind was consumed with the fear of the sight that was before me. The individuals with me, those poor bastards, were forced to experience the very sight that I had. Forced to be witness to another life being extinguished and eviscerated by another humanoid entity. They, however, were forced to witness, what we can only assume, were the very same events of the victim that was left as a display to the same monstrosity that summoned my blood to the surface of my body. As I turned to flee, my feet unable to fully follow the commands of my survival instincts, I experienced the raw pain as this otherworldly creature pierce, shred, and make short work of my flesh as it reached out to make me prey as well. I felt my scream in my lungs. I felt it move through my throat and into my mouth. However, my scream of both terror and pain was only truly experienced by the other unlucky souls that were, for whatever reason, forced into this Hellscape of a reality that we were now surrounded by. The reality of the situation escaped me as I was consumed by the pain of this creature tearing into my flesh. The searing pain of fire coursed through my entire being as though my entire body was filled with Hellfire and brimstone. “Roll for intiative”

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