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About me

Hello! My name is Ammar, I've been a gamemaster and player for 4 years. In that time I've run several campaigns and one shots. My focus lately has primarily been on Lancer, I dabble in many systems - the other games I've run the most sessions in have been Trail of Cthulhu, Dungeon World, and DnD 5e. I enjoy many styles of play, from highly character driven story games, to intense crunchy tactical experiences. In either case, the unique shared narrative we develop together at the table is what I love about TTRPGs. I like to leverage digital tools to enhance immersion and assist in running a smooth and fluid game. I have a background in software engineering, and I'm something of a "tech DM" - as an example, for the Trail of Cthulhu campaign I ran, I was using a modified version of the ruleset based on The Yellow King RPG. At the time there were no online tools available for that game, so I decided to code an implementation of it for FoundryVTT! I want to create an inclusive and safe environment for my players. To that end, I don't tolerate bigotry at my table.

GM style

I try to balance the tone of my games with a good amount of drama, suspense, and humor. Leaning into genre tropes is a special guilty pleasure of mine! I like to think my games play like a pulpy, fun action adventure romp. I generally prefer a collaborative "writer's room" approach when it comes to storytelling, allowing a significant amount of authorial control to the players in appropriate instances. When it comes to certain details about the setting we're playing in, I'll often encourage my players to "fill in the blanks", which creates a very satisfying back and forth between player and GM as we flesh out our version of the setting together. I really enjoy RP, and encourage my players to emotionally invest in their characters, the party, and the story we are creating. I'm no voice actor, but I do find it fun to put on voices! Often I'll swap between speaking as the NPC directly, and narrating the NPC's dialogue in the third person, depending on the situation. In my experience, players - especially new ones - tend to have some anxiety with regards to voicing their PC. I want to ease that fear, and I encourage my players to RP in whatever way they're comfortable, whether that is summarizing what their character is trying to say in the third person, or voicing their characters directly.

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