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About me

I've been playing for over ten years, and the last couple years have been starting to DM more often. I have experience with D&D 3.5/Pathfinder, D&D 5e (the bulk of my experience), and a smattering of others. I love running a little microsystem known as "Roll for Shoes", which is an absolute blast. I'm building a campaign-world for 5e with my players and I'd love your help. Come join me!

GM style

I'm a combat-oriented, dungeon-crawl-loving player, and it shows in my GMing. I love watching my players interact, though, and am more than happy to let you roleplay amongst yourselves. I'll even try to roleplay the NPCs for you, but no guarantees it'll be as awesome as when you players do it. I can only hope to match you. I also enjoy puzzles, though I have a hard time finding good ones to include in my games. I'm happy to let you figure them out on your own, but if you're not a fan of puzzles, you can always ask to roll for the solution. And you're welcome to come up with some nonstandard solution, too - a clever way to avoid the puzzle (or its consequences) is just as entertaining as solving the puzzle the way it was meant to be solved.


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