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About me

Hi! My name is Nicholas and I'm based in Singapore as a full-time gamemaster at the Alternative RPG Club Over the past year, I've run over 100 games IRL and I've just started running sessions online. I enjoy roleplay-heavy games where combat is never the best option. If you're the type of player who likes to get combat done as quickly as possible to get back to the talking bits, I'm your guy! At the Alternative RPG Club, we try to champion systems outside of D&D and Pathfinder. The world of TTRPGs is wide and you may very well find the perfect games for you outside the norm! I look forward to playing with you!

GM style

I enjoy roleplay-heavy games where combat is never the best option and I love it when my players add to the scenes we're experiencing and roleplay with each other as much as they roleplay with NPCs in the game. I like to keep the scenes in my games pretty open so players can add on to it and come up with creative solutions to problems and challenges. I'm a pretty easy-going GM as well, not much of a stickler for rules. I tend to veer towards rule of cool, but not to the extreme. I like to encourage my players to not just play up the strengths of their characters but also their weaknesses and I tend to reward that. That's how we're gonna craft a compelling story for you! I think roleplaying your character isn't really about the funny voices, but being true to their traits and mindset and making decisions your characters would.


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