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About me

Hey new friends! Long time player of tabletop role playing games (with a gap where my life was taken over by military service and corporate America), I ventured into online GM-ing during the global pandemic. Baking my own bread didn't work out, but this has! Hosting games has been such a wonderful adventure for me personally, allowing me to keep in close contact with friends and relatives, to nurture a creativity that my work and life had put on the back burner, and (quite unexpectedly) make new friends on each adventure. Before GM-ing, I led small groups of 4 to teams of 200+ in both the U.S. Army and Fortune 100 companies. The skillsets I learned in order to juggle competing priorities, create dynamic and adhesive groups, and foster individual growth are skills I bring to my gaming table. The majority of my games are hosted in a homebrewed world and follow DnD 5E rules. At my table you will easily find life-long players with decades of experience smiling and cheering on those who are taking their first steps into roleplaying games. I lean heavily into collaborative story-telling and love to create lore around my players, as their backgrounds flesh out and enrich the world. While overarching campaigns may take us on adventures of world shattering consequences, many adventures are simply a fun night out with friends. 🎥 An adventure mashing together plot hooks from every Nicholas Cage movie? Let's do it! 🧟‍♂️Want to turn your favorite bed time story in a survival horror game? I got you! ⚡Just need an excuse to speak in a funny voice and spam Eldritch Blast? There's room for you here, pal. And if you don't see a game that fits your schedule, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll help get a game started or matched for you. Got a group a friends ready to go and just need a GM? I'm available for private one-shots and campaigns for groups of 4+. Can't wait to roll dice with you soon!

GM style

With an educational background in theatre, film, and television, I play my games as serialized productions where everyone at the table is the star. As a GM, I fully utilize Roll20 to give players an immersive experience with lighting, effects, and music to set the tone and suspend disbelief. NPCs, both beloved and murder-hobo'd, are fleshed out with voices and perspective. Actions in roleplay have consequences at my table. So setting fire to a market place in order to make a distraction may not be the best idea if you didn't plan on a "run from the law" plot arc getting in the way of you saving the world. I like to keep combat fast-paced when experienced players are at the table. The monsters know what they are doing, infantry is supported by artillery, terrain can be used to your advantage (or not!), and a good plan now always beats a perfect plan later.

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