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Martin Weger

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About me

In 1985 me and my friend purchased a D&D rulebook. We were fascinated by this crazy new idea called fantasy role playing, but at that time there was nobody we could ask about how to run a D&D game. So we just chose a game master (me), found some players and tried to figure it out. The first adventure I hosted was "The keep on the borderlands" by Gary Gygax, which we thought then was awesome. Since then, most of the people that I formed long lasting friendships with, I came to know because they share that amazing hobby with me. Some even became great fantasy Authors, making story telling their profession, but all have used the skills learned in shared story telling in one way or another for the rest of their life. I would love to bring people to this amazing experience and guide them into the hobby, or meet others that share this experience. So let's get together and make up new stories of great adventures.

GM style

As DM for Hire I am primarily hosting Pathfinder1e campaigns on Roll20. I chose Pathfinder1e because the rules are available online in OGL and the Roll20 tools for pathfinder1e are probably the most advanced. First and foremost I prefer a gamestyle where players and GM share telling a great story. Storytelling, extensive roleplaying, social interaction and tough choices will always be a part of my campaigns That being said, Pathfinder1e is a perfect system for challenging campaigns with heroic battles so this will be the play style I offer. Players will be required to make use of their character's abilities to overcome challenging scenarios and fights that require tactics and quick thinking. I like to use the Roll20 features for exploring dungeons and maps and pathfinder offers a lot of material for that purpose. I am reasonably good with voices and have acting experience. One shots are not my speciality, I prefer long campaigns with plots that develop over a long time.

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