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Alex V
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About me

Hello! My name is Alex - I'm a bilingual bisexual Britalian, who translates ENnie award-winning TTRPGs and books from Italian into English (and sometimes English into Italian). I'm always on the lookout for new game systems that allow my tables to tell a Good Story, and I have a penchant for creepies, spoopies, heart-wrenching or -warming moments between characters, and puns. Love me a good pun. I cannot, however, pronounce 'brazier' - they're just big bowls of fire in my games. I run mostly Theatre of the Mind, but can whip up a battle map where needed, and would be very happy to run any and all indie game systems for you!

GM style

I enjoy crunchy, juicy RP and prefer to hand over the narrative baton to the entire table rather than letting all the world and character building rely upon the GM - this is clearly something I picked up from No Dice No Masters, Belonging outside Belonging, LUMEN and PbtA systems I've dabbled with. My current absolute favourite game is Die the RPG. Please play it with me. I believe each player and character should get their moment in the spotlight, no matter how small it may seem, and that can be either in the heat of combat or the heart of a great RP scene. The worlds I play with build upon and feed off the characters and players, so you know you get a tailored, personalised experience every time. They are also very queer, and can be both tender and ruthless, and always respectful of the players' choices. If something is not in the rules, but it makes sense and it looks cool, and is plain fun, it'll happen. Just don't ask me to pronounce 'brazier' in a way that won't make the table giggle.


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