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About me

Hello heroes! I am so excited to start running games for this amazing community. I have been a gamemaster since I was 11 years old and that forever DM status has led to a career in the tabletop RPG industry. I have been a freelance game developer since 2012 and the lead developer for Mutants & Masterminds at Green Ronin Publishing since the beginning of January 2023. I've run a LOT of games in my time both on-stream and at conventions like Origins, Gen Con, U-Con, and the Pittsburgh Gaming Expo. I love telling stories about larger than life characters accomplishing epic feats in astonishing settings. My favorite GM phrases are "Yes, and," "You can certainly try," and "Crying is a free action." I am looking to run one shots, campaigns, and anything in between for this platform. My favorite system is obviously Mutants & Masterminds, but I am comfortable running 5e D&D, Star Wars FFG, Fallout 2d20, Old Gods of Appalachia, or Call of Cthulhu. Let's play!

GM style

I am a GM who loves roleplayers, actors, lore hounds, and players who enjoy tactical combat. I give a ton of energy to the game in the hopes that players get equally invested and give back. The rule of cool is the ultimate rule at my table and I love trying to come up with creative ways to facilitate the interesting maneuver you suggested rather than saying no. I love improv and player agency. My games have a cinematic quality to them and pack drama and comedy in alongside the dashing heroics. I love horror games as well and believe that comedy and horror pull on very similar skill sets: subverting expectation and rewarding player engagement. I've honed my gamemaster abilities during a long career as a game designer, con GM, and freelance writer. I have a large rotation of repeat players and people often seek me out at Origins from year to year.


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