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About me

Hello all, I'm Alebrelle! I am a queer trans autistic leftist who has been doing tabletop of various flavors and intensities for just around 30 years now. My *FIRST* first game was (very badly) running the AD&D Box Set for my sister in 7th grade. My first campaign as a player was Shadowrun 2e in 10th grade. TTRPGs has been one of my longest standing special interests, and so I have a very deep and broad experience, LARPs, horror, fantasy, wire-fu, comedy, romance, cyberpunk, I've seen a bit of it, or a lot. I love making, crafting, and if I were a trust fund baby I'd probably play tabletop games nearly continuously. There's enough out there to feed the habit. I have some small voice over experience, I have run games for long time friends, and at conventions tables up to 8 folks at once. I am a content creator on various platforms, and if you want to record our sessions and post them somewhere ask me about it. If you want *me* to produce, record, and edit them; we can do that too. Just ask, I'm sure we can work something out! My games list below is *far* from extensive, I kept it limited to meeting at least one of these criteria: 1) Played more than one session of, 2) GM'd a campaign, or 3) Read the sourcebook cover-to-cover in prep for GMing a game that never came together. While I have my favorite stuff to run (most anything Powered by the Apocalypse, thank you Vincent & Meguey Baker), I think I have a grasp on most any genre enough to run a game. If you have something niche or particular please reach out directly and we can talk about it and see if I can give you the game noone else has. Which, to be honest, tends to be my goal even with games you've played for years: Give you the best game possible.

GM style

I am a narrative heavy, player, and character focused GM. Vanilla Apocalypse World solidified my GM style many years ago: My first responsibility is to be the biggest fan of your character at the table. "Yes and" is the order of the day, and empowering everyone to tell the story they want is my largest edict. Because I've been doing this for so long I am mostly a Theater of the Mind GM -- because that and our paper was all I learned on. I can use most of the campaign management tools if the game is best suited to it. Our Safety Tools at the table will be sacrosanct and you *will* be safe because I will make it that way. We can explore anywhere the table agrees to; I'm comfortable in some pretty dark places sometimes, but never any more than everyone finds most fun! I trend towards Indie games ever since I was the demo team "manager" for Hex Games for several years. As such I find it pretty easy to move between systems and genre and I try hard to match the game system with the story we want. If you want Bleed from your games, I am the one to come to. Character interaction and relationships are usually my biggest focus. *WHY* are these people together in this moment. Whether they be slinging swords and spells, growing up in high school as an outsider, or destined to have awkward and clumsy situationships with every other character -- I'm here to probe and get you into the role. "Fun" isn't always the right word, but let's have a satisfying and fulfilling game together. I'll do my best to provide just that every time. Especially if you're looking for a game that's a bit *different* than your average table, I've got your back. If you want to explore YOURSELF through your gaming; You've found your table.

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