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With over 25 years of experience, Alderskald stands as a seasoned Dungeon Master, known for crafting immersive and fun D&D adventures. He has been a paid DM for 4 years, with all spots filled in 5 weekly groups in his native language, Spanish, but now venturing into English sessions. Has has been sharing his expertise through his YouTube channel PiedraBruja (most Subscribed Spanish-speaking D&D channel) and trainer of other DMs in his games store. An accomplished swordsman and historical reenactor, he brings unique authenticity and immersion to his campaigns. His passion extends beyond the table as an outdoor wanderer, enriching his storytelling with real-life experiences. A psychologist, and holding a PhD; publisher of original content on DM's Guild, he combines scholarly depth with creative flair, making his sessions both intellectually engaging and wildly entertaining. "I invite you to join my unique Dark Sun campaign, a blend of the best elements from D&D's 2nd and 4th, played in the 5th edition. My four-year journey refining this setting with feedback from over 20 players ensures a game where classic lore meets the 5th edition's fluid gameplay. This campaign offers deep immersion in the world of Athas, balancing the challenge of survival with the intrigue of its lore. Step into a meticulously crafted adventure, where every session is a rich, player-focused experience. No matter if you played it or not, let the '90 nostalgia become alive in one of the coolest D&D settings (pun intended)." I can adapt to Roll20, Foundry and Talespire depending on the players; and do special request of other Published D&D adventures and have one or two self-made campaigns that were particularly fun to play.

GM style

My games are ideal for those who enjoy both the strategy of combat and rich character and plot development moments, all seasoned with a good sense of humor. My gaming style is a unique blend of fun and structured narrative, designed to provide a satisfying sense of closure in each session. I focus on crafting a solid story that flows coherently within each encounter, enhancing immersion and enriching the narrative experience. While using D&D as a foundation, my games include intense dungeon crawling and tactically challenging combats that are exciting and feel like pivotal moments in the plot. In my sessions, players can expect unexpected twists and the opportunity to face challenges with humor and creativity. I'm looking for players who are excited to co-narrate and dive into an epic genre, where their choices significantly impact and contribute to the story's evolution.


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