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About me

Howdy, I'm Alan and I tend to allow shenanigans at my table! The first time I ever played a role-playing game, we used the manual for Icewind Dale 2, since actual rulebooks were not available in our quaint Polish town. Things have changed since then. I have a beard now! And actual rulebooks. My actual play inspirations are Dimension 20 and NADDPOD. I enjoy crafting stories with my players, designing surprising encounters, and doing silly voices. I strive to mix old-school charm with modern-day sensibilities.

GM style

My favorite part of any RPG is creating stories together. I'm of the mind that characters are the most important part of a role-playing game, which is why I always strive to create specific story arcs for each and every player character. I don't sweat the truly crunchy stuff and allow for narrative and creative solutions in combat. I curate a safe environment for the queer community, as well as people with neurodivergence and disabilities.


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