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Alan Patrick
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About me

I'm a huge nerd. I worked on the D&D Adventurers League (DDAL) organized play program, and have written content for D&D 4th edition, D&D 5th edition (DDAL and hardcover adventure content for Wizards of the Coast), Star Trek Adventures, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Pathfinder, and more! I'm a lifetime DM by choice, as playing typically limits me to one character at a time but as a DM I have as many as I want (that you don't eradicate from existence, of course). Here's my catalog on dmsguild - I want to enable people to take chances in their games! Powergamers can sit at my tables, as I can bring the power DM challenge if needed but I really prefer to see people do things for the sake of being heroes over the sake of being awesome, if that makes sense. I can run every other week. General schedule: - Weekdays: 4:30pm EST through midnight - Saturdays & Sundays: 9am EST - midnight Resume: - D&D 4th edition: Living Forgotten Realms (numerous adventures) - D&D 4th edition: Ashes of Athas (organized play, 2 adventures) - D&D 5th edition: see dmsguild link above, and co-writer on Dungeon of the Mad Mage and Pipyap's Guide to all of the Nine Hells; story guidance and author on dozens of adventures - Ghostfire Games: vampires. so many vampires. - 13th Age: unpublished monster supplement - Shadow of the Demon Lord: Foulest Reptiles - Star Trek Adventures: Crime and Punishment - Steamforged Games: things & stuff - Livestream: Fistful of Platinum (D&D 5e w/ Dog Might, Beadle & Grimm, and Wizards of the Coast) In addition to the adventures in the listings here, you can also purchase an entire table of play. Please contact me directly for this kind of "single-ticket" purchase; in these cases, I allow up to 7 players.

GM style

I'm not great with traditional accents but I can still do some voicework - memorable NPCs often talk very little and make their presence known by action! I prefer highly creative games. If this means that you roleplay through, I'm here for it! If this means that you use your mechanics/crunch in highly inventive ways, I'm here for that as well! I don't much care for pure combat games, because while I can also play that way it tends to result in one-hit, anti-climactic kills for characters and monsters alike which just isn't my jam. Basically: "Paint me a word picture" Check out my offered systems and let me know your thoughts. I'm happy to run a variety of systems, and if you think I'd be great at running your favorite system please talk to me. I enjoy learning new systems, though you may need to provide the materials if they're not already in my library!


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