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Logan Boese
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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Inclusive

About me

I love to tell stories! I've been playing TTRPGs since I was five years old. My first games were in AD&D 2e, but my first love was Vampire: the Masquerade. While I still run the odd adventure in it's new and old editions, (as well as the other splats in the Classic World of Darkness), it's been subsumed by a new passion. These days I work as the Lead Story Guide for Coyote and Crow, and I utterly LOVE Devoting myself to games in and around that world of Makasing. However, I'll happily run whatever games you and your group need or want in these systems or in the latest edition of D&D.

GM style

This is a story we tell to each other about each other. To my players, I say: tell me about your characters, and I will build you a customized adventure for your group! I'll craft the story around your characters and give you an experience truly unique to them. I'm a storyteller in the classic tradition, and I love the collaborative aspect of roleplaying games, as well as just letting my players immerse themselves in stories. I'm a big fan of immersion, roleplay and character moments, whatever that means. Sometimes, those are found in intense character interaction. Sometimes, they're found in political intrigue. Sometimes, they're found in the middle of combat. It's your story, I'm just helping to tell it.


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