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AJ Kincaid

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Inclusive, World Builder

About me

Hey! I’m AJ (They/Them), and I create immersive TTRPG adventures for folks who want to journey through wild worlds and unleash their inner magic in a welcoming, compassionate environment. I started my GM journey in 2018 with some casual acquaintances, and we evolved into a tight-knit group of friends. Being able to safely share my inner self through interactive role-playing was a huge gift, and I want more people to have that chance- even if they don’t have access to a game in their area. So my quest as a GM is to build community and give players space to discover their own kindness and bravery- all while spilling monster guts, getting smashed at the tavern, and flirting with dragons over a romantic, flame-charred mutton dinner. Hop into a scheduled game on the sidebar or shoot me a DM for more info on custom games. I’d love to meet your inner paladin, bard, or badass. GM Style NO abusive or discriminatory behavior of any type will be tolerated (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, bullying, threatening, etc.) Ways to play: -Scheduled games (click on the sidebar) -Absolute Beginner teaching sessions (groups or 1 on 1) -Themed events and parties (birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette/bachelorx parties, etc) -Custom one shots (usually take 3 to 3.5 hours) -Custom multi-session campaigns Join me for a scheduled game, or shoot me a DM with any questions or requests you might have!

GM style

Active Approach to Role Play/Role Play Heavy As an actor and performer, I’m into detailed role-playing, voice work, and character work. I handle the mechanics and rules in a RAI (Rules as Intended) way. While I do follow the Rules as Written (RAW) to keep things fair, some cases require a little leeway (Rule of Cool) to allow for creative problem solving. My goal is to create a level-appropriate experience (for everyone from brand new players to savvy veteran GMs) that will be fun, fair, and challenging. I do include emotional intensity, graphic fantasy/sci-fi violence, and complex topics in my games. But I also strive to be inclusive and trauma-informed. Please let me know about any triggers or hard no’s in advance, as I want to provide a safe experience for all my players.


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