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Robby Smith
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About me

Hey! I have been a dedicated DM for over 6 years, specialising in D&D 5e. Over the years I have fallen in love with the TTRPG medium. I have run long-form campaigns, mini-campaigns and one-shots with themes ranging from engaging political intrigue to deep dark dungeon crawls. I even run an annual competition! In my games, you can expect a beautiful story made by you guys! The players! D&D is an excellent way to explore all areas of storytelling and better to get lost in the excitement and emotions of it all. Each story is tailor-made to suit the players' choices and preferences, ensuring a unique experience for every group, set in my very own custom homebrew world of warring factions, lost treasure, dangerous, forgotten powers, and of course, a good old tavern brawl. All with intricately tailored dungeons, custom battle maps and a lot of fun. I also understand very well that TTRPGs, especially D&D, are an escape for many people. It’s for that reason I want to provide a fun and safe environment for all my players. I welcome people of all backgrounds and identities to join in and make a home for themselves in a fantasy world full of wonder, even just for a little bit. I understand that D&D can be intimidating for newcomers, as I experienced the same when I started. However, I have had the pleasure of teaching many players the intricacies of my favourite game. I enthusiastically encourage new players to join any game I run, and I aspire to be a gateway into the enchanting world of D&D for all of you! Everyone has a story to tell, and D&D is all about the collective story. Lives intersecting for just a moment to create a wonderous tapestry of creativity and passion. From slaying dragons to exploring a world of adventure and enchantment, I hope you can join me on that journey, and I can’t wait to help tell your story.

GM style

I am very much a homebrew DM. I have spent most of my time as a dungeon master fleshing out my very own custom world known as “The Branded Realm,” a world devastated by an ancient almost forgotten battle between Gods and unimaginable forces. This has scared the realm and devastated the landscape, yet many still call it home, and just as many call it beautiful. I feel players should never have their agency taken from them. Each decision made by a player no matter how big or small, no matter how smart or stupid, is part of the story. It leads to the most unexpected, exciting or just downright silly tales I’ve ever seen! I feel D&D should have a healthy balance of roleplay and combat. Both elements of the game complement themselves very well and allow for downtime between both. I love when players use this to their advantage, specialising in different aspects and letting their team pick up their weaknesses. Maybe the bard can talk the ear of a wealthy merchant while the rogue routes around in his pocket, but when in the deep dark cave filled with goblins it’s the barbarian and fighter who shine. Either way, I love to reward creativity! With that all being said the aim of the game is fun and the rule of cool is king. I am more than happy to accommodate any style the party finds themselves drawn to. Be that slogging through a dungeon of traps and undead, exploring a forgotten civilisation made of crystal or just adopting a goblin named Boblin.


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