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Hello there! You may call me Ahloren in game and out. I run Play-By-Post games on Discord for groups or couples. DM Style: Role Play - RP highly encouraged in play-by-post Combat - Rules Lite/Theater of the mind for PBP Puzzles - More mystery than 'solve a puzzle' Sunshine - 10 out of 10 I tend to be on the sunshine side of things. I strive to create a safe and inclusive space that anyone could feel comfortable playing in. My discord community houses several current and past players who love all things TTRPG, so feel free to come say Hi and meet your new neighbors!

GM style

I run play-by-post games over discord. Play happens as you have time and at your own pace. This format fits with irregular schedules, and those who might be too shy for voice chat. I check each game multiple times a day, only taking Monday off as a general rule. Role play: I encourage role play and strive to build a world with NPCs that your character will want to interact with. Combat: Fantasy combat is part of the game and the dice land where they may. With the Play-By-Post format combat is handled theater of the mind more often than grid/maps. Exploration: The world is there for you to explore. Take your time and smell the flowers. Some of the best quests are the side-quests. Riddles/Puzzles: I tend to run light on the riddles and puzzles. But don't worry if your character and player intelligence don't line up, that's what the dice are for. Living world: Your words and actions have consequences that will affect later story events. That long lost sibling you mentioned in your backstory just might show up. Becoming enemies with the only inn-keeper in town might make sleep difficult. Cooperation: Your character does not have to love all your party members, but you do have to work together. Create a fun character that you want to play, but also that others would want to play with. PVP between characters is not allowed. Pacing: Pacing in a play-by-post format varies per group - sometimes wildly. I strive to keep things moving along, without placing too much urgency on individual players. Some games run faster or slower based on that group of players needs. If the pace of the game you are in is too fast or too slow, you can let me know and we will work on a way to adjust accordingly. Story-Telling: TTRPGs (Table Top Role Play Games) to me are cooperative story telling games. With myself and your other players, we are writing a story together that you will enjoy sharing with friends. Make it a good one.

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