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Hi, I’m Aez! I’ve been playing D&D for five years now, and DMing for four. In that time, I've DMed several long-term campaigns to completion and countless one-shots. I've loved fantasy and roleplaying since I was a kid, but since I discovered D&D it has become my passion and I've dedicated almost all my free time to it. First and foremost, though, I'm a storyteller, and that's what first drew me to DMing. I love to tell stories, and share them with people who love them as much as I do. Should you book a seat at my table, you can expect a safe space to experience a story crafted around your character and your party, with high production values and a focus on quality, safety and inclusion.

GM style

🎆TLDR🎆 - Beginner-friendly - Strong emphasis on roleplay - Dynamic worlds: your choices matter and will influence the outcome. - Encourage and reward player creativity - Safe, inclusive environment, open dialogue, welcoming feedback ✨ Before the game - I run published adventures, whether official or by third-party creators, which I modify as needed to better suit the players and their characters - For campaigns, I work with players to create characters fitted to the setting and have stakes that make the challenges and wins of the adventure meaningful to them - We discuss what kind of games and stories you like to play, and anything else you think I should know before we start so I can better deliver a tailored experience ✨ During the game: - Narrative and character-driven experience, with voice acting and dramatic flair - Hand-crafted scenes, with HD maps, special effects, and animations - Challenging, but fair encounters ✨ After the game: - Feedback highly encouraged and taken into account - Q&A sessions where I answer questions about what was going on behind the scenes, any unsolved mysteries and what the path not taken could have looked like. - I always strive for continued improvement and trust my players to help me become a better DM.

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