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About me

Welcome Adventurer! I'm an easy going Dungeon Master who enjoys the silly things that players come up with but also within the rules of the game. If it's possible, I will try and make it happen for you! This means I do tend to play the rules as written, but the Rule of Cool can always be an option! I have been a DM for the last couple of years, after stumbling across a podcast for Starfinder. Since then I have wanted to create an as exiting and immersive experience as I experienced, listening to the podcast, for people that I run games for. I use both Roll20 and Foundry VTT to run my games. As I'm still pretty fresh as a DM, I'm in the process of achieving a balance between playing the game by the book while also allowing for fun shenanigans and improvisation, and of course having fun in the process :)

GM style

My DM style is also in development but I feel that the player should have agency in order to shape their experience. I will tell you what is around you and might even present some options, but at the end of the day it is you, the players, who make the decisions and shape the story line and the adventure. I'm also quite comfortable with either theatre of the mind or grid-based combat. I enjoy making custom maps for the campaigns and one shots that I run and creating an immersive environment through the use of online tools and ambience. Voices for NPCs are also a thing I am trying to constantly improve and work on as I have found roleplaying NPC an enjoyable experience. For all other "player infractions" I run on a 3 strikes rule. If a player is not being a team player or is making the experience worse for others, I will privately speak to the individual causing the problem. After that they will be warned once more and notified that if the behaviour persists, it will incur consequences. If behaviour still has not changed they will not be invited back. I want that everyone has an enjoyable experience at the table (or monitor) and I will try to facilitate a safe and immersive environment to the best of my abilities.

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