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I am Adam, an experienced DM with a long history of running games for groups large and small, young or old, rowdy or quiet, in person, over discord and through text.

GM style

I'm pretty adaptable, having run games for adults, children, veterans, people with special needs, my own partner, my friends, and been a core member of a large local club, catering to new and experienced players alike. I like to have a solid grasp of the ruleset, and it's very important to me that things stay balanced, so that the special features you have worked so hard to bake into your character aren't eclipsed by someone else coercing me into power plays. That said, if your problem solving idea is VERY cool, and the rest of the group is on board, then we roll the dice and see how it works out! I never run tables larger than five, because I want players to be able to work together and get their money' worth, and my general outlook is that we're all playing through a story together, rather than 'players vs DM', however, if I have a group that loves gritty tactical combat, we can easily shift into that (I love Xcom). Holistically, I am a fan of zany and cacophonous, over dark, gory and gritty, but I'm not averse to adult themes in stories, as long as they make sense in the context of the game. If you are a player who wants to explore interesting character builds, create a story and have memorable moments (and stupid ones), then give my services a try!

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