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Staring at a cliffside covered in vines and roots, you find an inscription left by a long-dead clan of dwarves. The inscription reads "Only one who speaks the words of our brothers may enter". Upon speaking the password aloud, a loud grinding of stone is heard and an entrance in the cliffside is laid before you. Inside, jutting stones lean against one another, forming a crude doorway. A light emanates from a portal—the deep purple of a bruise—beckoning you forward despite its sinister aura. From the portal, you smell fresh earth, tinged with cinnamon. A warmth, completely unknown here, seems to waft from it. Normal people wouldn't dare adventure forth into portals like these which often contain rare and interesting treasures, often risking life and limb, fighting monsters of nightmares. But you are no normal person, are you? I began roleplaying at the start of the pandemic as a way to connect with my friends and immediately fell in love with it. Since then I have introduced several new players to the game. In my games, the focus is on the players first. Each player is the star of their story and will have hero moments where they can truly shine. whether you are a new or veteran player, I can run a game that will be rife with swashbuckling adventure and intrigue.

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Hello Adventurers, In my games, I emphasize player choice, dynamic combat, and swashbuckling adventure to create memories that you and your party will treasure for eons to come. While different sessions require different approaches, my games always have three things in common: Player Choice - Follow the trail of a rabid werewolf or abandon the search for a rescue mission in a nearby castle! The choices of the players are what make RPGs the best brand of entertainment. Dynamic Combat - Combat is the lifeblood D&D that brings juicy tension and heroic triumph. In my games, you can expect interesting encounters that highlight your strengths and challenge your tactics. Swashbuckling Adventure - Sometimes the journey is the destination. The stories that will unfold on your quest, will be memorable and fun. Expect to relish all those great moments for years to come.

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