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Hey all, I'm a forever DM for about 5 years who has worked primarily with D&D 5e, and my love for TTRPGs began alongside a love for world-building and co-operative storytelling. As I began building my worlds, I wanted to have people interact with them, play in them, tell stories through them; and TTRPGs provided a perfect outlet. Over the years I've DM'ed a number of different groups, and a couple long-term ones; and the one thing that I continue to love seeing more than anything else is my players immersed and enjoying themselves as the characters and stories they weave into these worlds take shape and become something truly wonderful.

GM style

I personally grew up a theater kid with a love for literature (both genre and fictional), which has manifested quite well in running engaging campaigns with plenty of improv, colourful NPCs with a variety of voices to serve as a strong supporting cast, and narratives that are filled with strong emotional cores. I am also a huge fan of tactical games and CRPG's which has lent a lot to how I design combat encounters. However, I am also very accommodating to new players and many of the players I've run for have been beginners. Finally, my foremost priority as a DM is my players' comfort and fun. My table (online or otherwise) is meant to be welcoming, inclusive, and safe; and I do not tolerate anyone who attempts to ruin that environment.

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