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About me

Yoooo! My name is Aaron and I've been DMing since 2011. I've ran all editions of D&D including 0D&D, PF1 and 2, and lots of other systems like DCC, GURPS, Cortex, M&M, ICONS, Marvel FASERIP, CoC, ToC, and pretty much every acronym I could get my hands on. My hobbies besides tabletop games include working out, comic books, and movies. I'm based in the US but I enjoy playing with people from all parts of the world and diverse walks of life. I generally consider fun for the players to be the highest priority when it comes to my games. My Roll20 boasts the following stats: Member since 05/16/13 \ GM of 70 games \ 5066 Hours Played \ 65 Forum Posts

GM style

Roleplaying mixed with regular combat. I tend to try and gear the game towards what the players enjoy the most and gather as much feedback as possible. My games can be scary, wacky, and often hilarious.


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