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About me

Are you looking for a game where your character's backstory actually means something? A world with lore so deep it makes the Mariana Trench look like a puddle? Combat that feels fast and exhilarating rather than clunky and grindy? Then look no further! I'm Cogboy, Forever DM, Worldbuilding enthusiast, and History enjoyer. Whether you want to play a medieval fantasy about wizards and dragons, or you'd prefer a sci-fi epic about starships and galaxy-spanning empires, I've got you covered. I love character development and always weave character backstories deep into the plot of my games. Rule of Cool over Rules as Written, forever and always. If you drive my game off the rails, I'll roll with it. Improvisation is half the fun! So write your multi-page backstories, build your characters, and prepare for the emotional rollercoaster that is a game by A Random Cogboy! You won't be disappointed.

GM style

My GM style focuses on character driven games, where the actions of the players can have a major impact on the plot. I love to create vast and entertaining worlds for my players to explore. I enjoy weaving epic stories of adventure, courage, and heroism, whether it be in a world of magic or amongst the stars. I run games of Dungeons and Dragons 5E, Mothership RPG, and I'm slowly accumulating experience in many other systems. I usually run my games through Discord, using Foundry VTT. New players are always welcome. :)


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