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Hey guys ! My nickname is Rab, I'm a full time university student and a passionate DM running online campaigns with various visual supports like roll20, dndbeyond, discord, chronica for quests, notes and party inventory as well as background music. I really enjoy having different ways to spark your imagination and excitement, whether it's facing head on a big thrilling boss fight with epic music in the background or maneuvering creepy, dark underground tunnels with darkness creeping at every corner. I use dynamic lighting to make it extra immersive, so you see what your character sees. I use 5e rules, but there's always room for rule of cool, because we're all here just to have fun ! I charge a small fee to cover the cost of the D&D beyond master-tier subscription, roll20 dynamic lighting and for the large amount of time I put into preparing sessions, maps, tokens, music, quests, plot, etc. It's also a way for me to round up the months on a student budget. Ideal group is 4 to 5 players, no experience needed at all. Games would be on a weekly basis eastern time for 4 hour sessions. Races and subclasses will be available depending on what sourcebooks any/every player and myself have on dnd beyond thanks to the master-tier subscription. I can offer tutorials on how to use roll20, dndbeyond and other mediums we use if needed, nothing is too daunting I promise ! For more details and the nitty gritty, please feel free to message me. Looking forward to embarking on an epic adventure ! -Rab

GM style

My players might say I love a good fight. Nothing like epic bosses, high stakes and high rewards ! That said, I'm pretty rounded out. I enjoy offering role-playing opportunities as well and making dialogues matter in the game. I use fifth edition rules, but I always have wiggle room for rule of cool. I love immersing players in a fantasy world filled with secrets, legends and wonders to discover.

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