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About me

I fell in love with D&D after my introduction to it through Dimension 20 in college; however, finding a consistent group was a challenge, and games often fizzled out. Fortunately, that journey led me to a wonderful and diverse woman/queer-friendly TTRPG community. In this space, I had the privilege of experiencing the brilliance of many talented Dungeon Masters. Inspired by them, I decided to step into the role of a DM myself. My goal was to offer something unique: high-level, Tier 4 play. My very first game was running a 20th-level campaign, where players faced off against a compilation of formidable CR 20-30 boss fights. As I gained more experience, I refined the game into an 8-session mini-campaign that gives players the opportunity to engage in intense combat against mythic creatures. My goal is to providing memorable and challenging experiences, running advanced combat while tying in moments of thought-out roleplay. Cinematic battles, engaging sessions, and creating a welcoming gaming environment for everyone are all first and foremost- I want players to feel fantastically powerful

GM style

The style I've cultivated is based around mechanics, interesting battles, and high level combat. I want to make players feel like legendary heroes fighting tooth and nail to prevent the apocalypse and run combats that highlight player abilities while staying dynamic, enjoyable, and concise (as possible). While mechanics are how we play the game, storytelling and rule of cool certainlypull me away from RAW At the same time I enjoy DnD for it's combat mechanics, I absolutely adore roleplay and want to give players a chance to embody their creations, feeling the investment into the well-being of the world their characters High level combats make up most of my sessions, but I try to provide myriad ways for PCs to explore their connection to the setting by working with them on backstory, weaving worldbuilding into the encounter narrative, and providing players specific knowledge of certain enemies if they incorporate themselves into the setting enthusiastically. I'm also a great lover of mid-fight banter, which is one of my favorite ways to play off my party's specific personalities My campaigns are short, concise multi-shots against CR20+ enemies. As a module I've designed and run through with several test parties, I'm confident that each iteration gets more enjoyable and my skills behind the screen improve. I look forward to providing a party the opportunity to be legendary heroes!

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