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Hi folks! I've been hosting DnD5e for about 4 years now, thanks to an incredible DM who helped me brush aside all the misconceptions i had once had about TTRPGs. That DM gave me such an outstanding experience that I knew I had to pass on a similar experience to others. The experience I want to give to you is to provide you with the setting, situation and atmosphere that promotes top quality and incredibly enjoyable roleplay. I do this through 5 major things: - A constant open line of communication with myself where any player can discuss with me anything about your character from a particular aesthetic to the final emotional story arc that you want to take. - Outlining a clear and precise way to communicate with me about any issues in or outside the game that you wish to bring up. This includes; safety checklist, anonymous player input, thorough and collaborative session 0. - My best attempt at unique NPC voices, they may not be perfect but they are a blast to try! - Access to tools such as DnDBeyond and setting specific books that aim to enhance the mechanical and roleplaying aspects of your characters - and finally, while I favour the roleplaying in DnD5e, i aim to make combat as interesting and interactive as possible. All major battles will feature fully fledged battle maps on roll20. Whether or not you wish to play with me, i hope you have an amazing TTRPG experience and find a game that makes you feel beyond excited to play! PS. I tried to find a photo without me pursing my lips but there doesn't seem to be one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

GM style

Roleplay takes a priority for me as exploring a character and how they interact with others and the world around them is so exciting to me. Combat should be fun and epic and excited and so i try my best to make sure everyone is engaged and focused on the situation through unique and interesting battles. I do my absolute best to give every npc a voice to really make the world feel real and immersive. I want to create the world that you want to thrive in, i want you to come to me and talk to me about how you want your character to develop and i will do my best to make that development as amazing as you imagined it to be.

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