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About me

Hello future saviors of the world! My passion for DND started during Covid playing the Mines of Phandelver. Then when the DM at that time had to resign, I volunteered to run the next campaign and I never looked back. I had a blast running that campaign and continuing to be a DM in sessions since, it made me rediscover my creativity and imagination. I love working with my player's to create one of a kind characters and backstories by coming up with personal side quests; complete with unique rewards to create a connection to the campaign world. When running a campaign I like to bring in as many outside the box ideas to keep things fresh and exciting. Typically, I spend roughly 3 hours preparing for a session. My creativity and imagination primarily stems from a lifetime of reading Calvin and Hobbes and RA Salvatore novels. My humor comes from a lifetime of needing to be the center of the universe. (Except for when I am DM, players are the focus of the game.)

GM style

Voice acting, good puns and humor are key to my GM style. I like to have a mixture of combat, puzzles, and scenarios. Additionally, I enjoy having my players use their spells, abilities and items in innovative ways. During combat portions, being tactical by considering monster abilities, terrain and encouraging my party to use skillsets in a complimentary way during battle. (Ask me about my war cry.) To offset combat sessions, I enjoy more character intense focus revolving around growth which adds more fun and connection the overall campaign.

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