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About me

I'm known as the MindFlayerDM. I run a campaign that is a complete sandbox that has every module from 5e in one world. This world changes as do the stories the more the party does. If you are Interested in having complete freedom in a dnd game I'm your dm.

GM style

As a Dm I lean heavily into roleplay and combat. I have a current campaign that is over a year meeting 1 to 2 times a week. The campaign premise is a open world sandbox where the players have true freedom to create and shape the world. Here is some testimony from my current ongoing campaigns party members 1.player with some experience. Blair- I would say understanding and very flexible but stern in your rulings 2.experienced player Ira- Firm but fair and patient, has a willingness to help and guide you when you don't understand something and if he's not sure on something like a spell or mechanic it doesn't take him long to find out and make a ruling. player. Trjegul-Well I cannot compare you to a lot of DMs because I know less then 1/2 the others but you seem fair, and build a interactive world. 4.New to 5E. Zaya- If there’s any more “about you” I’d add that you’re willing to help new players, you’re into the Rule of Cool so long as it makes sense, and you love to see everybody having fun. You are fair and consistent. 5.Some experience. Gwandryn-

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