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About me

Hail and well met, Travellers! I'm GM Scott. I've been playing (mostly GM'ing) many RPGs since 1978. Have played every edition of D&D and have run campaigns in all of them. I also have GM'd a dozen other game systems, but D&D is my first love.

GM style

I think my style is disarming and helps folks ease into the game. I don't believe in "NO" and my main goal is for the Players to have a good time and feel their Characters matter. I believe in the Rules as Guidelines. I enjoy games of high fantasy, not necessarily ridiculous and/or silly, but my games and groups have a lot of humor, much drama, occasional horror, and an emphasis on the PCs being The Heroes and a TEAM. (I coach youth sports, and that background trickles into my GM'ing style, patience toward learning, cooperative play, and being "good" as main priorities). I run a mix of published adventures with our own spin (based around the Characters and their Players' preferences). I like teaching newcomers to play. I also make sure to include Exploration, Social Encounters, Puzzles, and Combat in all my games (unless requested otherwise by the players). My games tend to be very story and character driven.

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