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(The Great Old One) Nathan

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About me

I became a DM the same way most people become a DM; by having a DM so terrible that you rescue your fellow players and start your own campaign. I believe that a DM should never be against the party. The job of the DM is to ensure everyone has a chance to shine, everyone feels safe and comfortable, and most importantly that the world that we're in seems logical and lived in. My longest campaign lasted 3 years and I enjoy long form story telling. To me the roleplaying is more important than the combat. Combat should serve the story. I have had the pleasure of DMing for Players both experienced and new. I enjoy fostering fledgling DM's and helping them feel comfortable and confident both in front of and behind the DM screen. My campaigns will always have diversity. I am comfortable exploring difficult topics, but always put the comfort of my players above telling a story. We currently use the safe phrase of "Fade to Black" if a topic is triggering for a Player. So far we haven't had to use it. I am a huge fan of improv, both in my DM style and with my players. I like to start my sessions with a short "Remember when" game where the Players improv moments from their past. Not only does this help the Players get into character but also to learn things about their character.

GM style

My campaigns feature a sizable amount of roleplay. I only have a few good accents but I make up for it by providing a lived in world that is immersive. I offer an engaging experience where the spotlight is shared among the players and never hogged. I try to offer as much of a sandbox experience as possible, even while running a module. I believe that the best railroad is the one you don't realize you are on. Combat can range from simple to tactical depending on the skill level of the Players. It is never my intention to kill your character, but things do happen.

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