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About me

Just a gal who likes Dungeons and Dragons, nature, and long walks spent in existential dread. My name is Lynn (she/her), I’m 28, and I’ve been DMing for 2+ years primarily in my own 5e setting and RotFM. I’m originally from Canada, now living in the USA, and I work as a freelance artist/graphic designer/communications specialist. I have an educational background in graphic design, creative writing, and environmental science.

GM style

My approach to DMing is similar to playing baseball where I pitch plot hooks and activities at the players, but they ultimately determine where the ball gets hit to and I determine how the world reacts. I’m a big supporter of communicating with players, integrating their ideas so they feel connected to the setting, and being flexible with how things happen. I aim to have a high level of trust within my groups which leads to a more engaging and fun experience for all. You can expect the following from my campaigns: - Private discord server with text roleplay channels, images of regions, custom maps, campaign notes, character art, etc. - Roleplay heavy games with all three pillars of play (combat, social interaction, exploration). - Custom world filled with diverse NPCs to interact with and where actions influence the story. - Milestone leveling, up to level 20 depending on party preference.

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