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About me

I have been a player and game master for several games for over 30 years. I have a home-brew background as well as a published TTRPG background. I tend to stick with older games, as I am often not fond of the newer versions. My style is partially scripted and partially off-the-cuff. I tend to be tough, but I always try to be fair. I'm not perfect and I do make mistakes. If I make one, let me know and I will rectify it. I have been know to chuck rules I don't like, or at least modify them (and make you know about them up front!) so that they are less unfavorable. I want my players to feel challenged, but still have fun. I prefer role-playing and not roll-playing. I am cool with new players and veterans.

GM style

I prefer role-playing over roll-playing. I am tough, but it is not me vs. the player. At times, the rules rule. Other times, things will slide. I often don't use some of the rules, or I will modify a rule in an attempt to make it less dislikeable. Either way, I tell my players about any mods up front. Rules are for order, not knee-capping of the fun. I am definitely NOT perfect. I will make mistakes. However, if I make a mistake, I don't double-down, I own up to my error and correct it. I can be theatrical at times when I portray the NPCs. Who likes boring NPCs anyway? Combat will happen, but I often make it an option. Sometimes savvy role-playing from a player or the party can diffuse a potential combat situation. I don't show up with tons of pre-generated maps so as to allow the players more freedom to roam or decide on what order they do their quests and objectives. If I need to give you a map, I'll just do it on the spot. Give me a couple of minutes.


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