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About me

Hello friend! My name is Morgan and I have been playing and running role playing games since 1993, creating my own narratives, characters and complications to engross my players in the lives and choices of their characters. I love the opportunity to present fantastic circumstances and see them solved in ways unimaginable through the creative solutions of my players. I strive to create adventures around my players and their characters, incorporating backstory elements into the story while also maintaining a solid expectation of risk and consequence to the actions and choices made during play. I encourage interesting approaches to the problems that present themselves in my games and I am also a firm believer in player agency both in and out of character, and readily incorporate creative and fun things you come up with into the world. Your character is not just "an adventurer" to me or to the stage I will set for them. They are an integral part of the story we are telling together and it is as much your world as it is mine when I run a game for you. We will be using Discord for communication, so you will need to have that installed as well as have a headset and microphone. Our game worlds will be handled by the wonderful program, Foundry Virtual Tabletop, so all you will need to do is click the link I put in our dedicated Discord Server! I like to have a quality map for every possible situation, but on rare occasion we will utilize theater-of-the-mind. I utilize walls, lighting and limited weather and ambience effects, all of which can be toggled off for lower-end computers. I use personally curated soundtrack compilations for my games - played through Foundry VTT, not a bot on Discord - that suit the themes and settings of each one, and each player is able to adjust their own volume settings on the music, dice noises and other sound effects to suit their needs at any time! Finally, I build new items, equipment, systems and more for the games I run and as my player, you can look forward to in-character rewards for your character's choices and actions that suit them and the way you've designed them on a regular basis! I welcome you to contact me and begin your next adventure! Regardless of your experience with a system, or even RPGs in general, I am ready to provide you with a fun, safe, inclusive place where you, your character, and your choices matter! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

GM style

As a DM, I am a firm believer in my players, and their characters and I am on their side. I take time with each of my players before we begin truly playing to help them build their characters because you and your characters are the driving forces in my games! I present the world and situations with as much detail as I am able, and I mold the world to the decisions you make. When you strike out to create a change in the world I've presented it is lasting, has repercussions, and rewards the dynamic choices that lead up to it. You may struggle to achieve your goals, but they are always possible in my games. Do you want to crew, or even captain a pirate ship? I am ready to batten the hatches and get you sailing! Maybe you'd like your character to one day soon own their own castle as an esteemed noble personage? I am prepared to craft the steps you take to glory! Perhaps you like the thought of a character who really only just adventures enough to retire, then want to play a new character who takes their place? I'll be sad to see them go, but I will create just the exit you want for them and I can't wait to meet your new character and get them into the action and intrigue! Maybe you've got a character idea that you really want to try out, but aren't sure that it will be viable? I am already brain-storming and planning ways to allow you to truly shine and I look forward to seeing how you use your ideas! I prefer to use detailed, custom maps for every scene I present, but that is not always possible and very occasionally I will resort to Theater of the Mind in order to proceed with a course of action. Many of the maps we use will be custom work that I will be putting together in Inkarnate, as well as an assortment of maps created by other TTRPG creators. I use carefully curated and licensed soundtracks during my games, and you will have full volume control over the sounds you hear through Foundry Virtual Tabletop! I also use a number of features that allow for dynamic lights, day and night cycles, and correctly presented modes of vision where applicable to create the most immersive experience possible. I try to offer multiple ways to solve complications that arise in my games. You needn't necessarily slay things to level up. Dialogue is just as effective, both at overcoming the adversity of the situation, and at granting you character progress. I prefer to use milestones rather than experience points, and I do not "hold off on leveling up to maintain the challenge". If you have done enough to merit a level up, you will get it at the end of that session. If that means that you have an easier time with something than you would have before, good! I want your choices and efforts to pay off! My NPCs are built as close to real characters as possible. You won't face a horde of identical creatures with me. I also do not do "random encounters" in the strictest sense. If you and your fellow players encounter something on the road to a destination, it was not only planned for, but also tailored to you and your party. You never have to worry that I'm going to kill your character with a "random encounter" and you can always try to avoid or bypass one - some times even pre-emptively - based on the choices you make! I am not a voice actor, but I try to bring a voice to each NPC you speak to! Lastly, I try to award treasure that will truly suit your character. I carefully choose or even create the special items I present to you. I am also 100% amenable to a thing I've termed the "Character's Wish List" to allow you to tell me semi-directly the kinds of rewards you want for your character, in as much or as little detail as you wish. I, in turn, will do everything in my power to make such things available to you in the game in a feasible and interesting way that will enrich your experience in my games!

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