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About me

I'm MC Stone and I've been Roleplaying as long as I can remember and been playing TTRPGs since my early teens. I've always had a great love of collaborative story telling and flights of fantasy. I've been a dm/mc/gm for a majority of my life and have run a variety of campaigns of various systems from Dungeons and Dragons 5e to my personal favorite Powered by the Apocalypse. I love to see what my players will do next and am invested in each and every one of their stories and facilitate the space for them to explore what they decide to pursue. I was recently introduced to this site and thought why not give it a shot and spread my passion for TTRPGs and Roleplaying with others.

GM style

I love Roleplaying and while I'm no voice actor I do try to make my NPCs feel unique and distinct. I'm not a huge fan of crunchy combat but can and will facilitate depending on my players preference. My preference is for more of a narrative back and forth with raising of stakes and rapidly changing situations that require players to think on the fly and adapt as necessary. I try to ensure the comfort if everyone at my table and will work with each individual to ensure no lines are being crossed. The players enjoyment is my primary concern and I would be remiss to include content that made anyone feel triggered or unsafe.

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