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DM Minto
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About me

Gather forth around ye table so to harken a collective group hallucination with funny little dice I have game mastered for over 25 years and love sharing a story. As a Dungeon Master, I thrive off of emergent gameplay (When the players do something I didn't expect) E and feeling are big parts of the game for me. Music and maps are helpful tools that I incorporate into every session. Humor is always an element in my games. I am a professional comedian and storyteller. In fact, the thing I take most seriously in the game is the combat. Strategy and tactic are important components of all of my games. Your choice in the game must have consequences for good and ill. What I really want is to have a good time and tell a story with me and you. I primarily focus on the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons right now but have run lots of different kinds of games.

GM style

I really like my games to be fun and follow the three pillars of role-playing games. Exploration, Roleplaying, and Combat. I love adapting modules and reimagining them to work in my own narrative. I love sharing old-school adventures. Taking the classics and updating them is one of my passions My games are usually light-hearted but my combat is violent and serious. Danger and humor are the biggest elements of my games. This isn’t to say we can’t have real roleplaying moments. Those moments help bring meaning to the rest of the game. You will play an important part in this experience. Your choice in the game is important to me and it's my job to make those choices affect the world you play in.

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