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About me

I'm a 23 year-old comedy writer and filmmaker with a zinc deficiency. I've been DMing for 6 years, 3 of which I spent working as a professional DM for children. I got interested in D&D because of an episode of Community and it turned out to be a very natural fit for me. My games tend to have a lot of comedy, genre-mashing, and emphasis on social interaction. I play a lot of D&D not just for fun but for artistic inspiration – a lotta my favorite moments between the players have inspired my writing.

GM style

I've always been a storyteller, but collaborative storytelling is my favorite way to make art. When I make films, I encourage a lot of improvisation from my actors to help tell the story, and it's the same for tabletop games. When I prepare sessions, I take a lot of inspiration from my players' characters, because a closed-ended story is meant to be read, not played. Combat in my games carries this philosophy as well. I like to let combat be approached from multiple angles, so that most allow for environmental or social solutions other than the usual foray of features your characters are used to using. I've found that removing initiative from D&D allows for more engaging combat, so if the players are down to play without it I heavily recommend doing so. Homebrew is totally good in my book. I want your characters to be how you imagine them. Like if you want to be a tree person and it's not in the rules, be a tree person! I created a treant race in D&D for one of my friends to use. If you have a homebrew you like, pass it on to me and I'll likely approve of it. Music is a major part of my sessions. I have a 52-page document of video game and movie score organized by mood that I often pull from.


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