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About me

Hello! I'm Skoom, a Pathfinder enthusiast that has over a decade of GameMastering in Golarion under his belt. Players can expect a safe space to exercise creativity & find challenging adventures full of that juicy Golarion lore, NPC interaction, downtime subsystems, & engaging gameplay. A hell of a lot of fun awaits, so let's get our adventure on & tell some enriching stories! My tables, be they virtual or in person, are open to all and intolerance will not be tolerated -- gaming should be a safe space for people to get together and explore fantastical worlds while achieving extraordinary feats! That is the experience I wish to provide to any seeking adventure! My GMing style is a fairly even blend of Roleplay, Exploration, and Combat with a bit of a narrative flow. I also like to take the player's backstories and goals into account when fleshing out our shared stories giving the PC's a real grounded feeling in the world. As a player all you need to come to the table with is an eager willingness to dive into the innumerable possibilities the world of Golarion has to offer. As a GameMaster I will bring system mastery of both Pathfinder 2e & Foundry VTT (the platform we will be adventuring on) allowing you to enjoy a smooth game with little to no technical issues locking up the precious session time. I have a strong internet connection and tons of QoL modules to make the intrinsically awkward online play more intuitive and enjoyable.

GM style

I love a good blend of role-play, tactical combat & exploration. Pathfinder 2e offers a wide array of subsystems that help build out a robust playstyle that can be tailored to any campaign which I like to implement when it feels thematically appropriate. I like to provide a coherent narrative feel to all aspects of the game while striving for a balanced session flow where the players can typically expect a little bit of everything each session. I believe that not ever situation is one the PC's can walk away from & the threat of character death is what makes your character feel alive! To be clear, I am always rooting for the PC's & never trying to intentionally TPK the group but I think it's important to know up front that adventurers lead dangerous lives & not every fight will be in the PC's collective pocket.

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