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2 years on StartPlaying

37 games hosted

Highly rated for: Storytelling, World Builder, Creativity

Average response time: 19 hours

Response rate: 100%

About me

Hello adventurers, I am Shektor, and I hope to become your Dungeon Master/Game Master. I have been a DM/GM for about 10 years now and I have seen it all: from the most hideous murderhobbos to the most divine of paladins. Those years of experience have taught me how to deal with a lot of different situations in a creative manner and on how to construct well paced and engaging stories. I also poses a relaxed sense of humour, just look at my profile picture. As a added bonus I speak four different languages: Russian, French, German and English.

GM style

My DMing style is more visual, I try to use all that Foundry has to offer in order to provide the most visually appealing experiences, be it weather effects, spells or weapon animations. This doesn't mean that I neglect the theatre of the mind aspect of my games. I try my best to find a perfect harmony between a visual and narrated story telling. I also use a diverse selection of music and ambiences to add that little plus to my worlds. All of my maps come from patreon subscriptions, they are high quality and are very pleasing to the eyes. The games I am running are a good mix of combat and roleplay. It is a good 50/50 split, but I do adapt to my players, if they want more roleplay, then the social encounters will be more elaborate and if they enjoy combat, the encounters will be more exiting and challenging. Furthermore, I make subquests that are tailored to each of the player characters. Those quests are made to match a player character backstory and play style. I hope that this summary gives you a small idea about me as a DM and if you have any other questions don't be a stranger and ask.

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