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Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Inclusive


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About me

Hey, did you just stumble on my profile? Looking for an interesting game that isn't DnD? While Dungeons and Dragons pioneered roleplaying games and a lot of us have fond memories or even in fun campaigns o at the moment, there are other genres and systems that are just as cool! If you and agree, and if you're looking for story-heavy games with adrenaline fueled, high octane action or a tense creepy atmosphere, you just might have found a GM right up your alley! For fifteen years I've run and played in a variety of games, and I hope to offer you all a fun time playing a variety of games outside of Tolkien-esque adventures. Whether that big as space truckers fending off pirates and braving black holes to make their fortune; as Werewolves patrolling modern day neighborhoods and their turfs, on the look out for strange, terrifying man-eating spirits; or even 1920's New England investigators who are about to stumble upon and learn about Horrors Man Was Not Meant to Know! I also try to run games with the spirit of the genre of the games too, so while usually my games will have plenty of fighting or action, it will Roleplay Heavy and has plenty of fun, motivated NPCs and settings, with mystery or exploration and/or other things that play to those games strengths. My games are friendly, safe spaces. Bigotry of any kind has zero tolerance, and tough/"controversial" subject manner that can make players feel uncomfortable will be vetted heavily before hand before being included or touched upon.

GM style

I try to tailor the player's experience and my style to the type of game system and setting the game takes place in, tense and interesting mysteries for Delta Green and tactical combat for Fragged Empire or Lancer. In any game though I try to make a reactive, roleplay heavy games with interesting NPCs that respond to player characters choices. I try to balance comedy and seriousness, but will tend to focus on the later for darker games

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