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About me

Hey there! My name is Sebastian, or The Eldritch DM and I have been playing TTRPGs since January of 2018, with my Dm status kicking up around March of that same year. My goal when running a game is immersion, immersion, immersion. I want the players to have fun and feel the world breathing around them through use of audio cues, various voices, and being as descriptive as my brain will allow. I've mostly run Curse of Strahd, and that's what I'll be running on here as well. I only run games on Foundry and have a web-host server set up so that my players can connect with ease. Other than that, I'm a pretty chill person that just enjoys the hobby and want to get better at what I'd like to think I'm already decent at. I'm sure we'll have fun together!

GM style

I really want you as a player to get into the story with me and have fun, to that end I love giving players a chance to shine with their characters and how they interact with the world. Be it roleplaying with the "Yes, and" mentality, using a character voice, or finding a neat way to be creative in combat I try to keep the flow of 5e inline with the idea that Dungeons and Dragons is a game, but it's also a story that we as the players and gm are telling together.

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