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Hi there. The names Patrick and it is a pleasure to meet you. D&D is the perfect escape from reality - and today, who wouldn´t like to escape to a magical world filled with adventure, fame and riches? I´ve always enjoyed the social aspect of the game, meeting new people and together develop characters and story lines, travel the mystical lands and experience epic adventures together. Whether it is crawling a dungeon, battling gods on the high seas or sneaking around the palace uncovering intrigues - it´s all about doing it together, because honestly, alone, nah, it ain´t that much fun. Oh, you wanted more background on me? Well, give me a history check. *sound of dice rolling...* Oh wow, a natural 20...well done. Here we go then... I´ve been playing D&D since my high school days, the early 2000´s. The name of my very first character was Lord Vaderash...and he has accompanied me through countless adventures and campaigns - his last incarnation was during the Tales from the Yawning Portals as a Dragonborn Paladin. Oh, the fun we´ve had... In late 2017 I first started DMíng as the DM of one of my regular groups had to move and could not DM us anymore. Well...I gave it a whirl and you guessed it, was hooked. Fast forward to September 2021 and well, I´ve been DM´ing for a bit over three years now and still loving every second of it. Most of the games I´ve run have been homebrews (as aside from DM´ing I absolutely love creating worlds and adventures for the players to explore) with a few modules (i.e. Descent into Avernus, Curse of Strahd, Lost Mines of Phandelver and a few others) sprinkled into the mix. Yes, that is quite a few, well, running about 1-2 sessions a week does add up to quite a bit of playtime. While I still have my regular group who gets together (in these days via Zoom or Skype) once a month, I´d love to take on a new group of two and get to adventuring together. At the time of writing this I am currently learning about Roll20 (must admit, I am a bit of a technological dinosaur) but if you are looking for the classic pen and paper style gameplay, I´m definitely your DM for that.

GM style

Your wish is my command...well, up to a point. Most of the games I´ve ran over the years have been focused on social interactions of the players, their characters and the quests we´ve gone on. Roleplay is a big asset to all of the above, and both combat and mysteries you will encounter with me. Not the best at voice acting, but I try :) Not the strictest on rules - after all, rules were meant to be broken - and while I very rarely break them, bending them in favor of fun, not opposed to it :) Some of the more out of the box games I have had the pleasure of running included a Murder Mystery, a post apocalyptic quest filled with zombies and government conspiracies and a romance quest set in a parallel universe. Anything special you´d like to request?

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