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The Quest Board by Shane P.

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The Quest Board by Shane P.he/him

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About me

Hail and well meet Adventurers! The Quest Board is here to provide you with new and exciting experiences throughout the Grand world of Altamos. We procure only the finest opportunity from the world with jobs as simple as one-shot contract to massive adventures that will take you to the furthest edges of Altamos and back. New and veteran adventures are encouraged to try their hands for you never know, what glory may be waiting for you. Disclaimer: The Quest Board is an inclusive, respectful, and mature adventuring company that caters to all potential adventures as such all adventures will be held to these standards as well.

GM style

I enjoy all kinds of campaigns and can cater to various play styles. I love to seek a good balance between both rich role play and engaging combat. However with The Quest Board I will be posting three different styles of "quests" these will determine the style of gm-ing that can be expected from easy combat and light rp to trying combat and gritty real rp. I'm looking to establish a truly unique experience with The Quest Board and a connected community of players to share it with. Follow these links to protentional games.

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